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Meet Christine


Christine Svenson, born and raised in the 13th Subcircuit and a lifelong Cook County resident currently living in Palatine, has over 22 years of experience working in the Cook County court system.

Prior to founding her own successful law firm in 2008, Svenson practiced in the area of civil litigation with two well-respected Chicago law firms where she rose to the level of equity partner. She has handled cases in a variety of settings including family, workers’ compensation, employment, domestic violence, and election law. She has represented businesses and individuals, on both sides—plaintiff and defendant—in federal and state courtrooms throughout the entire State of Illinois, including the Appellate Court of Illinois and the Supreme Court of Illinois.

With her vast experience handling a wide variety of cases on behalf of a diverse clientele, Svenson is uniquely qualified to serve as judge. And, as a result of her experience practicing law in the courts of Cook County, she has firsthand experience with the many problems confronting the broken Cook County court system today. This experience has given her an ideal perspective on the challenges faced by all parties in the legal system, with fresh ideas on how to improve the process for all.

Svenson recognizes the critical importance of judges in Cook County remaining impartial and independent of outside influences. She is committed to ensuring equal justice for all, not just the rich and powerful; reducing inefficiency and excessive cost; eliminating preferences for courthouse insiders; and fostering a climate of diversity and inclusion that is welcoming to all. Svenson has a proven track record: for her, impartiality and independence are more than just buzz-words. She has not hesitated to challenge the politically powerful and well-connected, when necessary, including those in her own political party.

She is currently certified as a Mediator, and for over 15 years she has served as an Arbitrator in the Cook County Mandatory Arbitration Program, a system that is designed to speed up the conclusion of tort and contract disputes. As one of three co-panelists, and often serving as chair of the panel, she hears arguments presented by both sides, weighs the facts, and then renders a decision. In this capacity, Svenson has a proven track record of independence and impartiality in evaluating cases, a skill that will serve her well as Circuit Court Judge.

Importantly, Svenson recognizes that the courts exist to serve the people, and judges must always remain humble public servants. She has the proper demeanor, temperament and compassion to be a highly effective judge. In particular, her work on behalf of men and women involved in family law disputes has given her a solid understanding of the challenges faced by ordinary people who find themselves in court at perhaps the most difficult time of their lives. She excels at listening to people and giving them the dignity and respect that they deserve regardless of their position. She is well-versed at eliminating emotion from the equation and would handle cases in a truly dispassionate and impartial manner. She also understands the importance of ensuring that every single person gets a fair shot and has the same impartial, level playing field, regardless of economic or other status.

In our community, Svenson is a proud Board Member of Journeys The Road Home and an active volunteer for the legal services clinic at Willow Creek Church and at senior centers in the area. Svenson is also engaged as a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, the Northwest Suburban Bar Association, and the Women’s Bar Association. In addition, she serves as a mentor to students from her law school.

Svenson graduated from Barrington High School and advanced in the state tennis tournament. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Northwestern University and her Juris Doctor Degree from the Chicago-Kent College of Law. She was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1995 and is a member of the bar of the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois. She is fluent in French and proficient in Spanish and Italian, and enjoys playing tennis in a league in South Barrington.


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